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All Saints Weekly Newsletter
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May 25th, 2020

                                                                                                          Ascension Edition


The News in a Nutshell

          ·      Flood Report- No Ark Needed

          ·      [Updated] Plans to Reopen- Underway

          ·      Sunday Services- Live Streaming

          ·      Online Giving Options- Now Available


For more information see the full announcements below



Flood Report- No Ark Needed

As some of you may be aware, this past Wednesday the parish hall suffered some flooding from all the rain. Apparently the water came up through the air ducts in the floor.

I was at the church Wednesday afternoon and so was able to catch it as it was happening. As such the water did not sit for long on the floor.

The long and short of it is that we contacted our insurance company, had a restoration company come out as well as our heating and air guys.

We were able to resolve the issue without filing an insurance claim. Currently we have several fans and two dehumidifiers running around the clock. We have also treated the entire area with an anti-microbial solution. A big thank you to Palmer for all his help and hard work on this.

Also, whoever has been praying for rain, can kindly stop now.



Plans to Reopen- Underway


Our time frame for reopening is being determined in large part by having all the equipment in place that we need to stream the service long term. Currently all the equipment is in except the camera. Once the camera arrives, we will install everything, do a test run, and then announce the opening

My estimation is that we will officially reopen and resume our Sunday Eucharist service around 6/7 (Trinity Sunday). Our time frame is being determined


Original Announcement- We are all anxiously awaiting the time when we can once again open the doors to the church for Sunday Worship. Currently we are listening to the advice of many churches and diocese as they share their thoughts on what steps we need to take to safely open. Above all we will be following the lead and direction of our Bishop.


Regardless, even after our official opening our plans are to continue live streaming our service. In fact a large part of the timing of our reopening is contingent upon us having all the equipment we will need for long term streaming in place. Once it arrives, we will do an install, set up, a few test runs, and then we will announce our reopening.


I sent out two separate emails (and will send them both out again this week in case you missed them). These email outline the steps of both our “soft reopening” and our “official reopening”. Please take a moment to read them if you have not do so already


In the meantime, keep your eyes on the newsletter for further developments. We will let you know what we know as soon as we know it.



Sunday Services- Live Streamed

We will continue live streaming our Sunday morning services until the precaution requested by our local officials is lifted. Please be sure to attend. Also remember to share this information with any you know who may be interested.

The service will begin at 10:30 this Sunday.

The Service can be viewed

1)   On a smart TV or streaming device using the “Facebook Watch App”


2)   On our All Saints Webpage. Here is the LINK:


3)   On our Church Facebook page: LINK


4)   All the Material that you will need the Sunday service can be accessed here: LINK    


Watch our Demo Video that explains and demonstrates all the information given above. LINK



Online Giving- Now Available

Update: just a reminder that if you prefer, you can always simply mail in your contribution.


We have integrated a secure online giving option so you can continue to tithe even while we are under these precautions. There are three ways you can make use of this option:

1.   You can give by clicking on the “Link” embedded in the service material at the Tithes and Offering portion of the service. Click and follow the easy instruction

2.   You can give by clicking on the “Link” button embedded on the live stream page of our website and follow the instructions: LINK

3.   You can download the free App from either the Iphone App Store (LINK) or from the Android Google Play Store (LINK). Download the desired version of the app and then follow the simple set up instructions.

Let me add that for those who would like to retain the option of online giving as a part their regular tithing, the app provides the quickest and most efficient means to do so.




How can we pray for you?
If you have any special prayer needs or praise reports that you would like to share with the group, feel free to email them to me (or you can call me if you prefer) and I will be glad to include them in our weekly newsletter.

Prayer Requests


All those affected by the Corona Virus or who are at high risk


David Crossman- who has begun cancer treatment


Anne Doughty- who is undergoing cancer treatment


Luanne McKinnon- who is recovering from a stroke


Abby Buchanan- who is 7 and has had a prolonged non-Covid illness


Mei-li- for continued recovery from knee surgery


Pat Childers- for continued strength and recovery


Paul Dowdy (Darlene’s dad)- who has Pancreatic cancer


Michelle Willis- who is battling cancer and insurance


Fr. Bill Jerdan (Director of REC Foreign Missions)- who has lung cancer


Katie Killinger- for Christian fellowship and a smooth transition


All those serving in our armed forces, especially Matthew Orders, Eden Basinger, Devin Willis, and Samantha Childers Leamy




~Dates to Remember

Please, email your events to Fr. Charlie with a brief description. Your description should include: date, time, location, cost, as well as the name of the parishioner participating in the event (when applicable).

Church Yard Sale                                   TBA


Movie Night (Emmanuel)                        TBA


REC General Council                             Canceled due to virus

(Charleston SC)


Diocesan Synod                                     September 18-19, 2020

(Nazareth, Monks Corner)

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