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March 18th, 2019

                                                                                                                     Lent Edition 


The News in a Nutshell

           ·      Confirmation/New Member’s Class- This Sunday

           ·      Confirmation Class- Past Lessons

           ·      Confirmation Class- Homework

           ·      Confirmation Class- Suggested Reading

           ·      Lent- What and Why

           ·      How Will I Prepare This Lent- Ideas & Suggestions

·      Your Homework- For the road ahead

·      Lines from the Library- Book Reviews

·      Letters and Cards to Brad Coffey- Address

          ·      Sunday School- for all Ages, 9:30 Sunday Morning

          ·      Like and Share- All Saints Facebook Page

·      Lent Web feature- All Saints’ Daily Offices of Prayer.


For more information see the full announcements below


Confirmation/New Members Class- This Sunday

Our Confirmation/New Members class is held during the Sunday School hour and has just begun. So now is a great time to jump in and join us for this important class.  

If you have not gone through the Confirmation Class please plan to attend. This class is required for confirmation and new members and is recommended for all who would like to refresh their understanding of our Church’s teaching and practices.

If you are not sure whether or not you need to be confirmed, please ask Fr. Charlie and he will let you know.



Past Confirmation Lesson- Links

For those who missed our confirmation class this week the handout and the audio from the class are available online. Simply click on the following link and you can access the handout and download the class audio to your computer or preferred listening device. Here is the link for the past week:

-Week 1



!!!Confirmation Class Homework

Please be sure to read the first 5 of the Thirty Nine Articles this week. I encourage you to read them devotionally, pondering what they mean and how that meaning ministers to you amid the real situations you face. Pray through them and discuss them as a family.

The point of our homework is to familiarize yourself with the teachings of the Anglican Faith and to begin to see the way that theology ministers to the needs of God’s people.

You will find the Thirty Nine Articles at the back of the Book of Common Prayer or you can find them at this link to the All Saints’ Website: 



Confirmation Class- Suggested Reading

For those who would like a running commentary on each individual article, I highly recommend Gerald Bray’s book: The Faith We Confess. This is a great resource on the 39 articles that is succinct enough that can be used as a daily devotional for Lent. You can find the book here: LINK



Lent- What and Why

We need to be careful that we do not mistake the point of the Lenten season. The giving up of certain luxuries during Lent was never intended to be the focus of Lent. Rather, it merely provides the context in which the true purpose of Lent might be fostered.

The purpose of Lent remains a sober assessment of, a true sorrow for, and a turning away from our sins. In other words, the giving up of certain worldly things during Lent is not an act of special piety, self-denial, or extra devotion that we give to God. Instead, the idea is that one does not approach the throne of our heavenly Father with sincere repentance and true sorrow for sins while feasting on and rewarding one’s self with the fineries of life. Rather, one lays aside the pleasures and niceties of daily life and comes before God for undeserved mercy and favor. During Lent we aren’t giving things up for God. In fact, during Lent we acknowledge that we have nothing worthy to give.

As for Lent itself, it is the 40-day period following Ash Wednesday. It recalls the period of Christ's fasting and meditation in the wilderness, and is a time of penitence and preparation for Holy Week.

The term Lent is derived from an old word for "lengthen," and refers to the lengthening days of early spring. As such, the very name Lent proclaims the Gospel and sets the greater framework of this season. As we turn to God in repentance, we do so with our eyes on Easter and the assurance that it gives.  Each day of repentance brings us renewal, assurance, and a lightening of our burdens until at last we arrive at Holy week to celebrate the forgiveness and life that God has given us in His Son. Simultaneously, as Lent progresses, the days of the week grow brighter, warmer, and longer. The result is that the Gospel proclaimed by the season of Lent is mirrored by the very season of the year.



How Will I Prepare This Lent- Ideas and Suggestions

Let me suggest 7 basic ways that Christians have traditionally used Lent to prepare for Holy week and the Easter celebration.

·      Abstinence- giving up something that you enjoy during Lent. The idea here is that Lent is a time of sober examination and repentance. Therefore, we do not enter this season rewarding or treating ourselves. Instead, our laying aside of something special helps us set the proper attitude during Lent. Likewise, our denial provides a very stark reminder that it is sin, which robs life of its sweetness, joy, and beauty.

·      Give something out- The idea here is to do something during Lent (service, ministry, charity) that you normally do not do. Thus, if you have given up going to the movies during Lent, take the money you would have spent and donate it. You may have an older neighbor who needs their yard raked or flowerbed weeded. Regardless, the point is that as God’s grace changes you, God intends you to be a blessing to others. Finally, this is a great way for younger children (who might not understand fasting or abstinence) to take part in Lent. It is also a great way for families and individuals to move past mere abstinence to the real intent of Lenten devotion (Isa 58:5-8).

·      Fasting- the traditional Lenten fast is one full meal and two light snacks on fast days (Wednesday and Friday). However, please note: fasting is not an effort to pay for our sins or to punish our bodies for our wrong doings (remember, we are healed by His wounds not our own). Rather, biblical fasting is always a turning our undivided attention to God. The idea or picture behind fasting is that we are faced with such a great concern that we are too preoccupied to even eat. We have put everything else aside in order to turn to God first.

·      Evening Fast- An alternate form of the traditional fast that may be more conducive to today’s schedules is the Lenten Evening Fast. Here is how it works: on fast days (Wednesday and Friday) eat a light supper, with these two restrictions- no alcohol and no gorging. After dinner, forgo all snacking, shopping, and all media (i.e. no T.V., DVDs, video games, newspapers, magazines, web surfing, texting, etc…). Instead, enjoy time together as a family (plan an activity the whole family will enjoy, take a walk together, or work on a fun project together). Conclude this time with a family devotion.

·      Online: The Daily Offices of Prayer (AKA the Divine Hours).  From Old Testament times on God’s people have turned to God at set hours within the day to offer God their prayers, their work, and to renew their focus. We see this practice in both the Old and New Testaments (Psalm 119:164 /Acts 3:1) as well as down through Church History. A great way to observe lent is to incorporate these hours into your daily devotions. If you are not familiar with the Daily Offices or would like more information, I invite you to begin by checking out the brief “Introduction to the Offices” which you will find on the page linked here: LINK.

·      Online: Morning or Evening prayer- I encourage you to make use of our online prayer services (especially on fast days). These provide a great way to begin or end the day or spend a quiet lunch break. I recommend that you use the short forms of the services found at the top, right hand side of the page. You may find the services by clicking on the following link: LINK.

·      Attend the special services provided throughout Lent

- March 13,15,& 16 (Ember Days)- traditionally the spring

  Ember Days (AKA Vernal Ember Days) are the first  

  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Lent. They are a

  time of fasting, prayer, and spiritual rededication at the

  beginning of the Lenten Season.

- April 12th,19th - Stations of the Cross

- April 18th Maundy Thursday Passover Meal

- April 19th - Good Friday Service



Your Homework- For the road ahead

As we seek God’s will for our church and the ministry God would have us do in this next phase of our Parish life, I am asking that each member of the congregation:

·      Pray us ready- that is I am asking that you will pray on a daily basis that God will direct both the leadership and the congregation of our church to the work He would have us do.

·      Make sure that you are ready- in other words, make sure you are growing in your walk and are being spiritually prepared for your share in the ministry God where leading us to serve

·      Pray for one- pray for one person in your office, school, neighborhood, etc. who is unchurched. Ask that God will open doors for you to share His love, forgiveness and healing with that person

·      No more counting heads- instead we will be faithful to serve with what we already have, putting it in God’s hands for Him to bless and use as He wills.

A good summery of all of this can be found in Colossians 4:2-6



Lines from the Library- Book Reviews

Review: God’s Chosen Fast- by Arthur Wallis

As you are making your preparations for Lent, you may be considering some sort of fast. If this involves food, the resource to turn to is God’s Chosen Fast. Many in the Anglican tradition seem to be afraid of this divinely-appointed discipline because they know little about it.

This book by Arthur Wallis is a short read and very practical. It covers the basics of why we should fast, Biblical examples of fasting, and different types of fast. It speaks of our attitudes and some reasons for fasting. Finally, it tells how to begin fasting and how to break a fast.

Matthew tells us that Jesus instructed his disciples, “When you give alms…when you pray…when you fast…” (Mt 6:2,5,16) – when, not if. Surely we don’t neglect prayer or giving. Why do we neglect to fast?

As you prepare for Lent, please consider this little book, on the table in our church library.     Review by Bobbi Killinger



Letters and Cards to Brad Coffey

For those of you who would like to write Brad Coffey, His address is included below. Please remember to use our church address as the return address on your letter, since it has been approved. Otherwise, Brad will not receive your letter.

Here is how your envelope should look:


All Saints Anglican Church

3601 Old Buncombe Rd

Greenville, SC 29617


Bradley W. Coffey

Box 339500





Sunday School For all Ages

Sunday School begins at 9:30. Invite a friend and plan to attend! I know it will be a blessing to you!




Like and Share- All Saints Facebook Page




Lent Web Feature (

As a part of our Lent devotion, this week’s web feature is The Daily Offices of Prayer (AKA the Divine Hours).  From Old Testament times on God’s people have turned to God at set hours within the day to offer God their prayers, their work, and to renew their focus. We see this practice in both the Old and New Testaments (Psalm 119:164 /Acts 3:1) as well as down through Church History.

The daily offices are a great way to observe Lent/Holy Week/Advent and to deepen your devotional focus during this season/sacred time. I encourage each of you to give it a try and see how the Lord uses these offices of prayer to minister to you.

If you are not familiar with the Daily Offices, I invite you to begin by checking out the brief “Introduction to the Offices” which you will find on the page linked to below.

To find The Daily Offices of Prayer, go to the All Saints’ Home page (, locate the tool bar at the top right of the screen, find the Devotion tab and select Daily Offices/Hours from the drop down menu. On the ensuing page, click on any of the blue “GO TO” buttons to view the material. Enjoy!!!



Spread the Word about All Saints’

If All Saints’ has been a blessing to you, invite someone you know to church!




Weekly Servers

24 (Lent 3)


Mark DeSpain

Steve Hammond

Lector- Mac Parks



Sam (A/G)

Tim (C)

Steve (C/Ch)



How can we pray for you?
If you have any special prayer needs or praise reports that you would like to share with the group, feel free to email them to me (or you can call me if you prefer) and I will be glad to include them in our weekly newsletter.

Prayer Requests

God’s Direction for our church and that each of us is spiritually ready


Christine’s cousin Andrea- for health issues


Gary Cobb- who is undergoing chemotherapy


Lee Mosley- who will be undergoing surgery and chemotherapy


The Christians under persecution in China


Palmer’s Aunt Barbara who has Dementia and Parkinson’s


Ray Froman- who is recovering from heart issues


Pat Childers- for health and recovery issues


Brad Coffee- for the issues he is facing


Don and Blythe as they minister to family


All those serving in our armed forces, especially Matthew Orders, Eden Basinger, and David Willis.



~Dates to Remember

Please, email your events to Fr. Charlie with a brief description. Your description should include: date, time, location, cost, as well as the name of the parishioner participating in the event (when applicable).

Stations of the Cross                                                April 12th,19th

Maundy Thursday Passover Meal                            April 18th

Good Friday Service                                                 April 19th

Diocesan Synod                                     September 20-21, 2019

                                                                 (St. John Charleston)

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